Governance at Gosforth Junior High Academy


Governance at Gosforth Junior High Academy

Gosforth Junior High Academy is governed by the Trustees for the Gosforth Group.


We have our own Academy Advisors Group.


Academy Advisors Group Members:-

Nicola Baker (GPA Parent)

Sean Blakey (GJHA Staff)

Barbara Bonello

Lesley Bowes

Eleanor Dawson (GPA Parent)

Nav Deol (GPA Staff)

Michelle Mason-Bowers

Debbie McCordall

Gill Milne

Elizabeth O’Mahony

Katharine Pringle

Lyndsay Readman (GPA Staff)

Michael Richardson (Staff) 

Hugh Robinson Ex-officio

Zoë Shaw (Parent)

Jackie Slesenger

Anna Steer (Parent)

Dave Vero (Chair and Safeguarding Link)

Denise Waugh Ex-officio



NCC Governor Services

Any correspondence for the Academy Advisors Group please address care of Gosforth Junior High Academy.