Pupils is a safe, confidential and non-stigmatised way for young people to receive advice, support and optional counselling online.

Online Support

As a service, fully commissioned across Newcastle and Gateshead by Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust, is a safe, confidential and nonstigmatised way for young people to receive advice, support and optional counselling online. Staffed by fully trained and qualified counsellors and available until 10pm each night, 365 days per year, it provides a much needed out of hours’ service for young people.

Available in more than 100 Clinical Commissioning Group areas in England, the service offers easily accessible mental health and emotional well‐being support to young people, covering a wide range of topics and issues such as exam stress, bullying, friendship issues. On Kooth, young people can learn effective coping strategies to be able to deal with day to day life.

Kooth is anonymous and free to use, making it a powerful early prevention and treatment resource which young people are keen to use: more than 95% of end of session questionnaires show young people would recommend Kooth to a friend. With no specific criteria required to access the service, all young people are supported no matter how small or big their issue may be.

If you require any further information to enable you to learn more about our service and to feel confident in discussing with young people, please contact us at

You can also find further information about our service on our website

Click below to view a school assembly that Kooth's have delivered to students at Gosforth Junior High Academy.