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School Uniform

Our Uniform

All students need to wear the school coat and/or fleece to and from school. This is the only coat that students will be allowed to wear to school and must be brought to school every day unless otherwise informed by us. We will not insist that school coats are brought to school after the summer half term break but the decision as to whether or not your child does so is at your discretion. However, if students are to attend an out of school visit at any time (including local visits such as Gosforth Library), they must have with them their school coat or they may not be allowed to attend the visit.

If a student arrives at school not wearing the correct school uniform, he or she may face sanctions.

We expect students to come to school looking tidy and presentable. The wearing of jewellery and makeup is forbidden. Please ensure that any ear piercings are done at least 6 weeks prior to the start of school in September (to allow the piercing to heal and establish), as the wearing of ear rings is not permitted in school. Watches are, of course, perfectly acceptable. We reserve the right to decide what is a reasonable style and colour of hair. No stepped haircuts or patterned haircuts are allowed. If you wish for your child to wear religious head wear, it must be plain black or navy blue. If your child has long hair it should be tied back. This is a health and safety issue.

We ask for your co-operation in not allowing your child to wear denims, canvas trousers or trainers for school.

All clothes and personal property must be marked with the child's name - this makes finding lost items so much easier - and surprisingly most children do tend to lose things at some point in their school life! Labels are available from many of the main shops in Newcastle.

All students:

  • School reversible rain coat and/or outdoor fleece with badge
  • Navy polo shirt with badge
  • Navy round neck sweater with badge
  • Black school trousers or black school skirt which should be of a traditional school skirt design and must not be too tight or too short (round about knee length is acceptable)
  • Black, plain, sensible shoes (no logos, patterns or colour). Trainers are not permitted Shoes with Velcro straps are fine
  • Grey, Black or White socks or black plain tights (not patterned).
  • Bookbags are mandatory for Key Stage 2 only


All students PE/sports wear

  • Royal blue sweatshirt with badge
  • Royal blue polo shirt with badge
  • Plain navy or black shorts or black tracksuit bottoms
  • Sport socks
  • Training shoes (no boots, plimsolls or black soled will be permitted)

Additional items may be required for some extra curricular activities e.g. football boots or mouth guards. Pupils and parents/carers will be notified if these are required.

We reserve the right to determine suitability for school. Please ask before you buy if you are in any doubt.

Pre-owned Uniform

We encourage the donation of pre-owned uniform in good re-usable condition. This can be dropped off at the school and will then be distributed to families who request it.

Financial Support with Uniform Costs

If you are finding it difficult to purchase school uniform because of your financial circumstances we may be able to provide you with support. Please contact the school for further details and to submit an application. We will assess applications received based on individual circumstances.

Our Approved Uniform Supplier

Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd will stock and sell all branded uniform items including PE/sportswear and the school rain jacket and outdoor fleece. Non-branded school approved style uniform items can also be purchased from Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd. However, parents/carers still have the option to buy these non-branded items from other retailers as long as they meet our uniform policy criteria.

Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd are based in Kingston Park, near to Tesco Extra, and offer an in-store measuring service (by appointment only), or if the size required is known, orders may be placed by telephone or via their website. They recommend that orders are placed before 31st July to guarantee delivery before the start of the new term.

Please find below Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd address and contact details, our uniform digital brochure which includes examples of all uniform items, our school uniform requirements and information.

Supplier details:

Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd

Unit 17 Airport Industrial Estate

Kingston Park

Newcastle upon Tyne


Tel: 0191 230 2320. 

Junior High Academy uniform digital brochure