Feedback to our Parent/Carer Survey

Date Published:
Wednesday 07 December 2022

Thank you to the parents in Years 6, 7 and 8 who completed our recent Parent Survey. We look forward to receiving the results of the separate Year 5 questionnaire focusing on transition.

We value the opinions of all our parents and carers, and we recognise how important it is that we listen and act on your feedback. We were particularly pleased with the feedback from the statements below:

  • 95% felt that there is a good range of subjects
  • 88% of responses agreed that their child is happy at GJHA
  • 92% of parents/carers felt that their child is safe at our school
  • 83% of parents agreed that our students are well-behaved
  • 86% agreed that we have high expectations of our students
  • 85% of parents/carers felt that their child does well at our school
  • 95% agreed that students can take part in activities and clubs

There were a small number of statements which we feel need further explanation and which we are now prioritising to improve some of our systems:


What we currently do

How we are going to improve

School makes me aware of what my child is learning

Our website has detailed curriculum pages, which share overviews of all subjects, both by year group and term.


Parent Review Calls and Review Days are centred on achievement, both academic and pastorally.

A ‘curriculum on a page’ document will be shared every half term for each year group. This will be available on the website and in your child’s planner from January.


On Review Day, for Key Stage 2 parents/carers, there will be an opportunity for you to see a selection of your child’s books.


School informs me of how well my child is doing

Every child receives a termly report, which informs you of both academic and pastoral attainment.


We hold two Review Days (Spring and Summer term) and Form Tutor Transition calls (Autumn Term Year 5).


The school planner is used for Tutor Comments and their PRAISE code is used as a record of their stamp collection.


Termly postcards are posted home from Form Tutors and Assistant Principals to recognise success.


Our termly newsletter will aim to cover all curriculum areas, documenting the achievements, trips, extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities which happen at GJHA.


The next one will be sent at the end of this term.

School keeps me informed about general school updates

Our Twitter account (@GosforthJunior) is used for general information and celebrations.


School Gateway is now used for emails and text messages to update parents/carers.


A termly Principal’s newsletter gives an overview of the school events.


We will continue to promote School Gateway communication system to try to ensure all parents are using this method for communication.


To ensure you have access to School Gateway emails please ensure school has your child’s parents/carers updated information – mobile number and email address.


Please email with your updated information.


Please update your details as soon as you can, as we will be using this method for communication more in 2023 to reduce the amount of paper letters we send.


My child is encouraged to think about career opportunities and their next steps in education

Key Stage 3 holds a Careers Day every year to give students the opportunity to explore a variety of industries from guest speakers and exhibitors.


Key Stage 3 PHSE curriculum includes careers topics.


All staff have a Careers Pathway Poster in their classrooms which are discussed with KS3 students.


Key Stage 3 have Careers Zone booklets to complete in dedicated form time sessions.


Careers Day will be held again in 2023, building on the success of our first one last year.


Sunderland University will deliver an assembly to all of Key Stage 2 about next steps.

They will also run Year 6 workshops entitled, ‘Degree or No Degree’.


The Newcastle United Foundation will be running an aspirations intervention programme with targeted students.




Once again, thank you for taking the time to complete our survey; it really is very useful for us and we hope this letter shows how keen we are to improve.

Yours faithfully


D Waugh

Principal of Gosforth Junior High Academy