NEU Members Strike - Update for Wednesday 1st of February 2023

Date Published:
Wednesday 25 January 2023

Further to my recent letter on the school website, the first scheduled day of industrial action by the National Education Union (NEU) is approaching on Wednesday 1 February 2023. Whilst the planned action is a result of a national dispute between the unions and the government, and not the Gosforth Group, it is important that we respond accordingly.

I am now in a position to write to you with further details about the plans that we have put in place to keep the school open to as many students as possible during the first day of industrial action. We do expect the action by the NEU to have a severe impact on the school and it is important that we are able to comply with our key priority of ensuring the Health and Safety of our students and staff.

Years 5 and 6
We will be focussing on maintaining as normal provision as we possibly can for Years 5 and 6. Therefore, we will remain open for students in Years 5 and 6, and we expect students in these year groups to come into school as they would on a normal school day.

Years 7 and 8
The school will close for normal timetabled lessons in Years 7 and 8 and students in these year groups are not required to come into school. There will be a very small number of students from these year groups contacted in advance to come into school on the day itself. Students in Years 7 and 8 not contacted directly by the school, in advance, are not required to come in on the day. For those students entitled to a free school meal and not in school, we will be providing a free packed lunch. Students will be able to access some home learning resources. Please check Frog for resources on the day of action.

I will write to you again in advance of the planned future days of action by the NEU on Tuesday 28 February, Wednesday 15 March and Thursday 16 March. On each day of industrial action we will continue to focus on providing as much consistency as we possibly can for our students, balanced with ensuring the Health and Safety of everyone in school.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause you. Please be assured that we never take the decision, to partially close the school, lightly. With the exception of the strike dates listed above, on all other days our school will remain open as usual to all of our pupils.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support.

Yours faithfully

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Ms Waugh