Student Support Hero

Roles and Responsibilities


The governance of the school will monitor the effectiveness of this policy and hold senior leaders to account for its implementation.  The governing body will also ensure that:

  • A robust framework is in place for setting curriculum priorities and aspirational targets.
  • The school is complying with its funding agreement and teaching a "broad and balanced curriculum" which includes English, maths, and science, and enough teaching time is provided for pupils to cover the requirements of the funding agreement.
  • Proper provision is made for pupils with different abilities and needs, including children with special educational needs (SEN).
  • The school implements the relevant statutory assessment arrangements.
  • It participates actively in decision-making about the breadth and balance of the curriculum.
  • Pupils, from Year 7 onwards, are provided with independent, impartial careers guidance and that this is appropriately resourced.


Senior leaders

Senior leaders are responsible for ensuring that this policy is adhered to, and that:

  • All required elements of the curriculum, and those subjects which the school chooses to offer, have aims and objectives which reflect the aims of the school.
  • The amount of time provided for teaching the required elements of the curriculum is adequate and is reviewed by the governing body.
  • They manage requests to withdraw children from curriculum subjects, where appropriate.
  • The school’s procedures for assessment meet all legal requirements.
  • The governing body is fully involved in decision-making processes that relate to the breadth and balance of the curriculum.
  • The Trustees are advised on whole-school targets in order to make informed decisions.
  • Proper provision is in place for pupils with different abilities and needs, including children with SEN.

Middle leaders

Leaders of Teaching and Learning are responsible for the implementation of this policy in their departments and ensuring that:

  • Effective long-term planning is undertaken and the curriculum information on the website is up to date.
  • Effective medium term planning is undertaken in the form of schemes of work which support the aims of our curriculum and are in line with whole-school expectations.
  • Staff in their departments are aware of and follow those schemes of work.

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