Video Lessons from Previous Weeks

If pupils have missed a lesson or feel they need to go back over a lesson again, we have created an archive of the lesson videos from the current and previous weeks. This allows students to revisit topics or catch up on learning they might have missed.

The archive can be found on Frog, in the home learning portal, under the ‘Video Lessons From Previous Weeks’ tab. The videos are organised into weeks.

Clicking on the link for the relevant week will take you to a document which lists and links to every video lesson that has been assigned that week. Find the relevant year group and day on the document to access the lessons for that day.

The archive only has the video for each lesson and will not have any additional links or worksheets, however, it will allow students to access the key learning from the chosen lesson.

Accessing the archive may also help any families who are having issues with videos buffering, as it will be possible to download the videos the night before the lesson, rather than streaming them directly from the assignment.